I’am not trying to jump up and down on a soap box and prothletise the virtues of a specific beliefs, religion or God but it’s hard for me to NOT believe that there is some form of "higher Power" or external "force" that has unexplained effects in our lives. I prefer to call it a "higher power" I believe that many organized religions are simply the way we simple mortals deal with an incomprehensible inelegance that we a can’t see or touch.   It provides a focal point for us. Many organized religions promote good belief systems and often provide some form of personal gratification and frequently spread goodwill to others in need.  I believe that many organized religions perform righteously for everyone’s good.

I consider myself a Methodist for two primary reasons 1. They consider everybody one of GOD's children. There are no requirements or qualifications for membership. 2. Many of their teachings are fairly compatible with my beliefs. I think my closest believe system is Yodaism (A force that surrounds us and penetrates us all binds us to some form of combined higher power).  I have witnessed several instances that cannot be explained by any logical means. I must assume that there was some form of divine intervention.

I have found it comforting to believe that I have a higher power beside me in my journey(s).  I have sometimes asked various clergy why I’ve had to go through this?  Often the response is ”It's gods plan” but I’ve also heard the statement that “If god brought you to it he’All bring you through it.  That has certainly been the case for me! Three times now I have exceeded expectations and continue share  HOPE to others. Nowadays I often find myself looking to the heavens to say a heartfelt t "Thank You" for the many things I’ve been able to enjoy.  Love, laughter, blue skies with billowing white clouds, compassion and respect, the feeling of accomplishment, serenity and peacefulness, the beauty of small flowers and the power of thunderstorms. These are little blessings I still get to experience every day!  Thank You! 

I believe that  many people who have come face with their own mortality whether through disease or a tragic accident, find they become more attentive to the many little miracles that used to be totally unaware of. Their lives are forever changed. They have a much clearer picture of just how beautiful and yet fragile life really is an what a blessing every day truly is.