&Social issues:

Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma can have several social effects on your life.

Many people still think of cancer as a debilitating disease if not a death sentence. The word "cancer" strikes fear in the hearts of many despite all the improvements that have been made in the last decade and the number of survivors that can vouch for these improvements.

1. Just as you are probably worried about your diagnosis so are your family and friends you need to keep them in your loop to relieve their fears.

2. Employers may have concerns about you being able to fulfill the responsibilities of your job and the impact you might have on their insurance rates.

3. Current friendships may be strained by their fear and sorrow of what you're going through and their PERCIEVED outcome.

4. People may distance themselves emotionally as defense mechanism to protect themselves emotionally from their PERCIEVED outcome.

I believe that the best way to deal with these issues is for you as the patient to become educated and realize there is HOPE and have the courage to proudly let others know that "cancer" is a WORD used to describe a chronic disease and not a death SENTANCE. Let them know you have confidence that you to will soon be a proud survivor.  If you live proudly and confidently with hope it will be contagious to those around you.