Side effects of PCNSL treatment.

There are many possible side effects from your treatment. Just as there are two primary forms of Treatment (chemotherapy and radiation therapy) and many options within those two groups. side effects vary. Additionally side effects vary from individual to individual.

Common side effects of cancer treatment:

Chemotherapy: Nausea, vomiting, sores in mouth and throat, diarrhea, fatigue, short term cognitive issued, rashes,

Radiotherapy: skin "burns", fatigue, Late onset long term cognitive issues

Questions you need to ask your doctor!
What are the possible side effects of each of my treatment options?
How common are these side effects?
When are these side effects most likely to occur?
How do the benefits of the recommended cancer treatment compare with the risks?
How long will the side effects probably last?
Is there a way to decrease the possibility that these side effects will occur?
Are there medications available to relieve or prevent these side effects?
How will I be monitored for long term side effects such as heart problems?
When should I contact a member of my health care team about a side effect? Who should I call?