I offer you the chance to make online connections to other PCNSL survivors

I host the"cnslympoma" support group at the. braintrust.org. You can subscribe at the following link


You are not alone in this journey

There are 70+ survivors and caregivers here willing to share their experiences, their knowledge, and their HOPE to help you through your journey!

Several members of the group gave compiled a PDF eBook called "PCNSL Real Life Stories from Survivors and Caregivers" That contains many stories of success and hope! Please feel free to click on the title to download the book. This book is suitable for patients, caregivers, and families. NOTE: Patients please share the file or link with tour Oncologist and social worker. so others may benefit as well!

I (barry Gates) owe a great deal of gratitude to Samantha J. Scolamiero the founder of the braintrust.org who supports groups for many other typs of brain tumors! CNS Lymphoma is just one of mant groups at brainntrust.org. If you find this group benificial you should consider supporting the Braintrust to find our how click here.